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Escape Velocity

Posted by shanoah on April 26, 2009

I was tempted to follow up Wasteland with Teenage Wasteland, but you know how I dislike repeating songs I’ve already played.

On the topic of games I’ve overplayed, especially on the Mac, I have to mention Escape Velocity: Nova. This is one of the few shareware games I’ve gone so far as to pay for. (By Ambrosia Software, probably the best known Mac software outfit out there).

The premise is that there was a large series of hypergates to several different areas of the galaxy. Then all the hypergates broke down, and things collapsed into three empires, with a forth basically getting enslaved in the mix.

Then you come into all this flying around in a shuttle. From there, things are marvolously open-ended. There are several main plotlines you can get into. Or you can just run around, doing missions, making cargo runs, and ferrying passengers around.

Or you can find where things are being sold cheaply, and sell them for a profit. Even hire escorts to carry the goods. By a new ship. Pay for all sorts of upgrades. Hang around lurking in wait, ambush ships, loot all their cargo, sell their ships, or even take them over.

And if you start to feel brave enough, challenge planets, and after you’ve whipped their fleets into submission, get them to pay tribute to you. Or you could dink around mining asteroids. All up to you.

And did I mention that if you pay for the game, you can add plugins ranging from adding new ships and outifts, to adding new plotlines, to turning the game into a different game with the same engine. It’s notable that this is actually the third Escape Velocity game they made (and the best, in my opinion), and the previous two were remade as plugins available (for free) for Escape Velocity:Nova.

I got hooked on this on the Mac, and missed it when I went mainly Linux with a dash of Windows. Then, glory be, they ported it to Windows. And it runs decently on Wine. All in all, was worth the $30.

Here’s some video footage of the game, with action music all plastered over it, as some people are wont to do.


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