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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

    Shanoah Alkire is our Discordian at large. "Born in Santa Cruz, I grew up in Grass Valley and the Bay Area, and now lurk in Las Vegas. My literary influences include Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams. I also program as a hobby, and currently maintain the Gtk port of Angband. You can find a rather old bio of me here."

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Mr Bass Man

Posted by shanoah on April 8, 2010

Well, today I decided to play a song from 1963 by Johnny Cymbal called Mr. Bass Man.  It’s rather fun, though it can get a bit annoying at times. Which might go a way to explaining why I have three versions of it in todays post. 🙂

This is the original.

Now, as it happens, the Muppet Show covered it, with Scooter as lead singer, and The Electric Mayhem backing him. This versions fairly faithful to the song, and is a good cover.

Now, if I wanted to do a bad cover of this song, a proper one would involve coming up with a J-Pop version of it sung in Engrish, sort of a “All Your Bass Man Are Belongs To Us” version. And as it happens, I managed to find a cover that fits that. Play the following version at your own risk. ^_^


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12-5-08 The Pillows – Funny Bunny

Posted by Sean on December 5, 2008

Now that we’ve gotten to the Caribbean… I wanna go someplace else! How about Japan? There’s all sorts of lovely weirdness in Japan! And unagi. Mmmmm, unagi…

What I know about J-pop can fit under one fingernail with room to spare. All I know is that all the stuff they send us here in the States is bad, and that it induces inexplicable giggling fits in me.

Not so the Pillows.

The Hokkaido-based Pillows are probably best known for doing the whole frickin’ soundtrack for FLCL, one of the weirdest and most pointless animation series ever to come out of Japan (and that’s saying a lot). Unlike most of the J-Pop I’ve heard, which is either saccharine and overproduced or tries too much to sound like Western pop, The Pillows have their own sound: hard and fast, grungey and angsty (like much of their work for FLCL) or kinda mellow. Funny Bunny, off 1999’s Happy Bivouac, definitely falls into the kinda mellow category.

And no, I have no idea what they’re saying. That’s part of the charm of good foreign music for me.

BTW, I have no idea where Funny Bunny shows up in FLCL. Probably not at all, but then I haven’t seen FLCL in a couple years…

Courtesy of fenderian.

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