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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

    Shanoah Alkire is our Discordian at large. "Born in Santa Cruz, I grew up in Grass Valley and the Bay Area, and now lurk in Las Vegas. My literary influences include Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams. I also program as a hobby, and currently maintain the Gtk port of Angband. You can find a rather old bio of me here."

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2-3-09 The Day the Music Died… NOT

Posted by Sean on February 4, 2009

Well, thanks for the birthday post, Shanoah.

Today is an auspicious occasion, as well. Do you know why? Besides it being my sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday Lynn!).

This is the fiftieth anniversary of the Day the Music Died, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J. P. “Big Bopper” Richardson died in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa [1].

I’m not going to torture you with any Holly, Valens or Big Bopper in this post. Nor am I going to torture you with The Song That Should Have Ended Five Hours Ago, Don McLean’s American Pie, which is where “The Day the Music Died” comes from (I think). If you’ve been anywhere near a radio today, you’ve probably heard enough Holly, Valens, Big Bopper and Rode My Chevy To The Levy But The Levy Was Dry to last you a lifetime [2].

Instead, I think I’m going to fulfill my family obligations (you know, for a change of pace) and wish my sister a Happy Birthday… with the help of Ernie from Sesame Street, of course. [3]

Courtesy of NantoVision.

[1] Three dead rock stars in a plane, it turns out, is not the best birthday present you can give to your sister.

[2] I actually like Joe Belock’s idea for his Three Chord Monte show on WFMU today – “The Day the Music Lived,” with nothing but music from rock musicians who are still alive.

[3] Oh God, not another three month Sesame Street Blog Death March…


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Your What the FUCK for 2-8-08

Posted by Sean on February 8, 2008

And here I thought Animal was the headbanger Muppet.

Well, it’s always the quiet ones that’re the real freaks, ya know? Bet Bert and Ernie have a cache of severed heads in the refrigerator, too.

BTW, the song is apparently A Divine Proclamation to End the Present Existence (try saying that five times fast) from Last Days of Humanity, with video from YouTube’s HAYW1R3. Thanks to WFMU’s Beware of the Blog, who got it via Crotchbat

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