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Posts Tagged ‘Azumanga Daioh’

Little Girls

Posted by shanoah on May 10, 2010

While I’ve played Oingo Boingo’s “Little Girls” here before, I thought this Azumanga Daioh AMV of the song was pretty well done. (And it won first place in the comedy category at Nekocon X) That and I wanted to try to get back in the habit of posting here occassionally…

Not work friendly due to the opening.


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Andrew Bird and the Cat with Two Heads

Posted by shanoah on June 10, 2008

All right, each of these videos probably warranted a post by itself, but they have related themes, and I felt like combining them.

The Cat With Two Heads – Aquabats

(AMV of Azumanga Daioh)

Yes, it’s yet another AMV for Azumanga Daioh involving cats. Well, I like cats, all right? And this had a mad science theme, so I couldn’t resist:

I was in my laboratory, creating what I thought would be…
Well…Something great for the World
A two headed cat!
You could pet one kitty’s head, then pet the other kitty’s head
But little did I know the power of Atomic Energy
Would create a two headed Man-Eating Monster!

It’s cheesy, but I love it…

Imitosis – Andrew Bird

This is a bit of a hypnotising song, with a neat video full of Jeweled spiders. And the song playing is so terribly geeky:

Poor Professor Pynchon had only good intentions
When he put his Bunsen burners all away
And turned into a playground a petri dish of single cells

And let’s face it; how many songs do you know involving mitosis?

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A brief intermission

Posted by shanoah on May 16, 2008

We, the management, apologize for the lack of posts. Let us assure you that this situation will be rectified soon. In the meantime, a brief intermission.

Chiyo-chans cooking song – Azumanga Daioh

This intermission brought to you by our sponsor, Fruity Oaty Bars:

Fruity Oaty Bars – (from Serenity)

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