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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

    Shanoah Alkire is our Discordian at large. "Born in Santa Cruz, I grew up in Grass Valley and the Bay Area, and now lurk in Las Vegas. My literary influences include Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams. I also program as a hobby, and currently maintain the Gtk port of Angband. You can find a rather old bio of me here."

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Archive for the ‘lesbians’ Category

Backwards / Forwards

Posted by shanoah on September 1, 2009

This appears to actually be an official mashup, as it’s on Annie Lennox‘s web site as well.

It is by DJ Earworm, including the songs Little Bird, SING, Why, No More I Love You’s, Shining Light, and Walking on Broken Glass, among others. This is a pretty cool mashup. Besides, I like Annie Lennox. She’s freaky. In a good way.


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Stolen Frogs

Posted by shanoah on August 11, 2009

They are evil, aren’t they? And there are so many of them, too; the group seems fairly prolific.

For today, first, I’ll play IOSYS‘s Marisa Stole Something Very Important. Hurray for lesbian couples. And Guten Morgan is “Good Morning”, naturally, not the #3, so take the subtitles with a grain of salt.

And this other video I’m throwing in isn’t even by IOSYS. But the style and zanyness remind me of them.This is Kero ⑨ Destiny, by Silver Forest. Knowing that the sound frogs make in Japanese is “Kero”, much like cats going “Nya” helps on this video.

Translation may be iffy in spots, I suspect. Still, “There is n-o o-n-e inside this hat, OK?“. Win.

All right, I’ll admit it. I’m half posting this because of the combination of being addictive and annoyingly kawaii…

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Posted by shanoah on August 25, 2008

Ah, the word ‘fuck’. A topic near and dear to my heart. And I know the perfect song to follow up that post with, the Super Furry Animals “The man don’t give a fuck”.

However, as a topic near and dear to my heart, I already posted it previously, and I’d prefer not to repeat songs if I can.

However, it occurs to me that humps, “lovely lady lumps”, and fucking go hand in hand, as it were. And having found this bizarre Thai cover of “My Hump”, what can I do but share?

My Hump - (by some unspecified Thai band)

(To be fair, the band name is written in the video; I just can’t read Thai).

This may have been intended to be serious. I just know that I was having a lot of trouble not cracking up. Pity the song is mislabeled, so I wasn’t able to put the group name on here.

For those lucky enough not to have heard the original by Fergie, here you go:

My Hump - Black Eyed Peas

And, yes, you have nice lady lumps, but there are other things to sing about, you know. Though I find myself pausing this video around 2:39 for some reason.

And the lyric mess-up at the end is amusing.

Of course, Alanis Morissette decided to make fun of this song, and sing it like it was a serious romantic ballad:

My Humps - Alanis Morissette

She must have had a lot of fun with this video. I certainly had fun watching it, especially right after the original, so you see everything she’s parodying…

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Beth Hart

Posted by shanoah on July 27, 2008

Today,I thought I’d feature a lady who’s music I’ve liked for quite a while, Beth Hart. Her style seems to have a bit in common with Janis Joplin, enough that she played Janis in a musical.

I first heard her on the radio with this song, which was getting a lot of airplay a while back:

LA Song

It didn’t have the comments about the skinny white boy on the radio, of course. One of the other concert versions of this, we find out that he was a handsome musician. And also that he turned out to have been sleeping with a redhead the whole time she was with him.

This is a song that there are so many things in the lyrics I’d like to mention that I don’t have room for them all.

She left a note right by the phone
Don’t leave a message ’cause this ain’t no home

This is from a cd called Screaming For My Supper. Unfortunately, her life was falling apart around the time of this cd. Partying, drinking and drugs.

Get Your Shit Together

While this song is appropriate to what was going on with her life, check what the song is actually about. Her brother was going out with a crazy girl named Jeanie.

Then he broke up with her, and Beth started going out with Jeanie.


Hiding Under Water

You say it don’t matter
You’re livin’ life and livin’ alone
And hear the phony laughter
Echoing on and on
You’re hiding under water
I pray to god wash me away
Cant hear the child’s wonder
The innocence got hushed along the way

Strong powerful song. This is a single from 2005, and 2003 would have been when she was recovering from the place she had found herself in.

Learning To Live

You can see how well she’s doing now, and you can here it in her music. She is apparently now straight and clean. This is such an optimistic song with a positive message.

I’m learning to live
Living to learn
Starting to sing my song
Right, or wrong
Breaking away
Setting me free
Free to be my own me

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More Lesbians

Posted by shanoah on May 10, 2008

Just as a warning, this post may be offensive to some people. As may this blog, I suppose, given the number of times we have to make disclaimers like this. Anyways; Not Worksafe. Not even one of the two videos.

It occurs to me that Sean had a whole post about Lesbians, and I didn’t follow up on it. This strikes me as wrong, as I like lesbians. The world needs more of them. For that matter, I like thespians, and think the world needs more thespians, too. But that’s a separate topic.

Anyways, while going around youtube, I found this rather silly AMV on the topic, and thought I’d share it, in keeping with our current theme of belatedly responding to each others posts:

I Wish I Were A Lesbian – Louden Wainwright III

Sorry, no hot thespian action here. I thought it was amusing, though, admittedly, I could see how people could be offended by it. After all, Akane Tendo is prominently featured, and she isn’t a lesbian…

And here’s another AMV I found. I figured, since this was already a fairly inappropriate post, this was a good time to post it. I suppose, since Azumanga Daioh has lots of cats, and this song was all about them, it was a good fit. This song was all about cats, right?

Azumanga Daioh – Acid Neko

For reference, the song is Lords of Acid’s “The Pussy Song”. I think reannaking did a great job on this… ^_^

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