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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

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Archive for the ‘A Thought from a Sticky Mood’ Category

Nina Hagen

Posted by shanoah on June 11, 2010

I thought I’d get away from anime for a minute, and play some songs by a lady named Nina Hagen.

First, here’s a song called Hold Me, with a music video at Jim Morrison’s grave. The line that sticks out in my mind is “I can’t sing a gospel, I’m a white chick…”.

You may think she is somewhat strange after watching that video. And you’d be wrong. She isn’t just somewhat strange, she’s probably the queen of strange. Here is Nina singing Naturträne live at Rockpalast in her native German.

Don’t expect me to explain the pacifiers hanging from her ears, the verging on inhuman shapes her mouth seems to distort into occasionally, or the fact that she’s clucking like a chicken by the end of the song.

That’s half the fun of it.


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Happy Jack

Posted by shanoah on March 26, 2010

Not sure how long we can stay on zombies, so just to get things rolling again, since there haven’t been any posts in a few days, I thought I’d post something totally unrelated. No yoga involved. Don’t think I can claim the musicians as Zombies, either. Shining Happy Zombies Holding Hands? Nah, we’ve done enough REM here for the moment.

In any case, I thought I’d play a song by the Who named Happy Jack. This is the official music video for it, featuring some thieves, some cake, and a policeman.

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Posted by shanoah on March 17, 2010

Well, when I think of the song Mother, I think of an entirely different song, Sean, by Pink Floyd. And as it happens, I have youtube footage here of Sinead O’ Connor with Roger Waters (and the Band) singing it.

Think the backing vocals are better on the actual Pink Floyd album, but I like Sinead’s lead vocals here. And, of course this ties the last two posts together nicely. 🙂

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Human Sacrifice and Mating Rituals

Posted by shanoah on March 10, 2010

Where as I drink large amounts of tea, so would have other associations with the tea party.

Anyways, lets start today off with a nice little human sacrifice ritual. On the muppet show, Janice is tied up to be used as a human sacrifice, and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem have to rescue her. Somehow this all turns into a cover of a Beatles song. Lots of points for originality.

And here we have Kermit the Frog doing a fairly entertaining report on the mating rituals of the Koozebanians. In my opinion, anyways.

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Starship Groove

Posted by shanoah on March 8, 2010

You know, despite having most of a reply written, I’m feeling a bit politicked out at the moment, so I’ll just play some music. Though, a few points:

I’m discordian, so, unlike Sean, I’m already a Pope, and have no need to threaten the Vatican with nukes. Though I could use to get a silly pope hat.

I agree with most of Seans other points.

Also, Tarquin Fintim-Limbim-Whimbim-Lim Bus Stop F’Tang- F’Tang- Olé- Biscuit- Barrel, who was mentioned in that Monty Python skit, was actually a real political candidate in Britain. He was running under the Official Monster Raving Looney Party, of course. If I was in Britain, that’s probably be the party I’d belong to.

In any case, here’s some Robots rocking out in a spaceship off the Animusic 2 DVD.

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Annachie Gordon

Posted by shanoah on February 25, 2010

Actually, my main thought was that maybe George W was influenced in his speechmaking by having watched too much Batman. Ah well.

Anyways, Batman has Commissioner Gordon. And Scotland has a lovely song titled Annachie Gordon (or Auchanachie. Presumably Annachie is a simplified version of the name). Which otherwise has nothing to do with Batman. (Unless Commissioner Gordon’s first name is Auchanachie, but it seems doubtful. [1])

Like many ballads (a child ballad, in fact, I believe), it tells a story. There’s an interesting commentary here, but I’ll sort of sum up what is going on.

Jeannie is in love with Annachie Gordon, who is away at sea. Her father, as always in these things, is playing the villain, and is making her marry some rich git, Lord Saltoun. Even after being married to him, she refuses to sleep with her.

Her father then goes to the bedchamber with her, and tells her maid to remove Jeannie’s gown, intent on making her sleep with Lord Saltoun. (He obviously has issues. Especially since he previously called her a whore.) At that point, she dies of ‘a broken heart’.

Conveniently, Annachie gets back that day, finds out of Jeannie’s death, goes to her bedside, kisses her, then dies himself.

Beautiful song, though, and I’ve got a video here of the amazing Mary Black singing it. This song is very traditional; a few well known people have sung it. This is probably one of the best renditions, though. Only worksafe if no one notices the word ‘whore’ in the song. Which is quite possible; her voice is so amazing you can easily forget everything else…

[1] Though it would be hell of cool. Damn, why hasn’t anyone ever redone Batman with it taking place in Scotland?

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Vampire Bat

Posted by shanoah on February 20, 2010

Yep, freedom of speech is important. (Which is probably why nothing in this post is work safe) Mind, I couldn’t get much into Immortal Techniques song because he kept rapping over the same few seconds of Jona Lewie’s Stop The Cavalry.

As I really like that song, I found it really distracting. I kept expecting Hey, Mr. Churchill comes over here to say we’re doing splendidly to kick in at some point.

Of course, freedom of speech is very important in music (and in other places). I know Frank Zappa would agree with me (1 2). And we’d never get artists like Wesley Willis singing what the voices in his head dictate, whether it is about how he murdered your family, the way he kicked Spidermans ass, or even about Vampire Bats,otherwise:

Of course, the big stuff about censoring music when Frank Zappa was around largely was talking about songs like Prince’s ‘Darling Nikki’, because it talked about masturbation. And we can’t have that, right?

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Taxman, Mr. Thief

Posted by shanoah on February 19, 2010

Yeah, you don’t really have to post about the guy going after the IRS if you don’t feel like it.

And I don’t have to post about the current government of Iceland proposing legislation that’ll turn it into a haven for free speech and journalists, after being really badly hit by the economy, including rioting, bankruptcy, and the government collapsing[1]. Even if I do find it interesting and somewhat encouraging.

However, the talk of the IRS does bring to mind a song. Two, actually, but I’m sure I’ve played the one by the Beatles before. So here is Cheap Trick’s ‘Taxman, Mr. Thief’. Which clearly has a reference to the first song in the title anyways (and in more then one place in the song).

And now I want to pronounce Mr. Lif to rhyme with Mr. Thief. Wonder if that’s actually the right way to say it or not? Eh, who knows? In any case, here is the song:

[1] Presumably it’s either recovered, or a new government is proposing the laws…

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Alice -> Sweet

Posted by shanoah on February 17, 2010

It’s not related to U2. It’s not related to The Knack. It’s… IOSYS : The Return.

I’ve been playing one particular catchy IOSYS song (Alice -> Sweet) a bunch recently, and was just noticing that I never posted it. Not sure if this was due to matters of good taste, but I’ll rectify that now. You’ll note that this has both English translations and the original lyrics in romanji. Nice if you are trying to learn Japanese.

Oddly, I’m almost certain the line about fingertips being “bound by fate” in the translation is a reference to the “red string of fate“. The things I learn about by watching Ranma 1/2…

Now, you heard how prominent the singers lyrics were in that song. What do you think it would sound like without vocals? Very different, certainly. Take a listen.

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The Knack

Posted by shanoah on February 15, 2010

Well, I’d continue with rooftop concerts, but the Doug Fieger, lead singer of the Knack just died of cancer, and musician deaths usually take precedence over current themes. The Knack is best known for the song “My Sharona”. You know the one:

Ooh, my little hungry one, hungry one
Open up a package of my bologna

Or, well, maybe not. But Weird Al’s parody is the song I tend to think of. The Knack’s other big hit was a song called “Good Girls Don’t…”, which sites like Entertainment Weekly are playing the clean version of.

My thinking went along the line of ‘Well, if there’s a clean version, there must also be a dirty version. So I must hunt this version down and play it, for completeness.‘. So I am. The changed lyric was the line “‘Til she’s sitting on your face”, which became “When she puts you in your place.”. Clearly having her sitting on your face is preferable.

And obviously NSFW.

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