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Cats and Hunters

Posted by shanoah on February 12, 2009

Well, if you’re going to post the Cowboy Bebop opening, I suppose I really should show you the opening to Gunsmith Cats:

Gunsmith Cats Opening

For those not familliar with the show, this is an anime about two bounty hunters in New York who also run a gun shop. The gunshop is owned by Irene “Rally” Vincent, who is a gun nut, and can shoot just about any gun in existance, as well as pulling neat tricks like shooting the hammer off a gun. Her partner, “Minnie” May Hopkins, is just as obsessed with explosives.

The anime actually only went three episodes, but is still a classic. The manga, on the other hand, went on for 8 volumes, and has a sequel that’s currently up to 51 chapters.

And here’s the opening to another anime that’s not so much of a classic:

Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters in the US) – What’s up guys? – Opening

This anime is somewhat bizarre, but can be fun. Basically there are evil sorcerers running around, and you have a team of people dedicated to stopping them. Who are all named after pastries, for some reason.

One of the parts that stands out to me is that the party leader, Carrot, can turn into a wild, out of contol beast. When he does so, Tira Misu, normally a meek shy girl with glasses and an oversized cloak, pulls off her glasses and cloak to reveal full dominatrix gear, and basically whips him into submission. I particularly remember it happening this time they were facing an evil sorceress that looked like Sailor Moon. 🙂

So yeah, not really a kids show, though that’s about as bad as they get. Mainly because no one in their right mind would sleep with Carrot. The Ataru effect, as it were.


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