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1-25-09 Scientology: What the Fuck, Guys?

Posted by Sean on January 26, 2009

And why do Shanoah and I grit our teeth whenever someone mentions the word “Scientology“? Well, if you don’t know by now, you’ve obviously been living under a rock (and you haven’t been watching South Park, either). This  clip from the documentary All Hail Xenu ought to get you up to speed, though.

Courtesy of, appropriately enough, AllHailXenuFilm.

Strangely enough, it’s not so much the beliefs of Scientology that chap my panties. I mean, I’m a gnostic, which means my belief system isn’t too far removed from a sub-par Matrix fanfic. Galactic Confederation? Aliens in spaceships that look like DC8’s? Zillions of thetans inhabiting my body and mind? Why not! Hell, it’s just as plausible as a dead Jew coming back to life after hanging on a cross and getting speared in the side.

What bothers me is how the church treats its members, like denying psychaitric and medical care to members who obviously, and desperately, need it, and how it censors, or tries to censor, negative publicity about Scientology.

Then there’s the cost. You didn’t know enlightenment cost that much, did you? Or that it came in a mail-order catalog? (Oh, and if you don’t have phenomenal cosmic powers after hitting OT III, you have to take the course – again – and pay the cost – again) Hell, not even the Catholic Church and their indulgences were that rapacious.

But mostly, I don’t like Scientology because I actually watched Battlefield: Earth. I’m never gonna get those two hours of my life back (or at least says it was two hours long. Sure seemed a lot longer than that…)


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