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1-16-09 The Gamers

Posted by Sean on January 17, 2009

A series of rooms? Must… fight… blog… theme… can’t… lose… control…

Agh! I have fallen under the spell of a blog theme! Darn your infernal machinations, Shanoah! DARN THEM TO HEEEEEECK!

Anyway, what springs to mind when you talk about a series of rooms is Dungeons and Dragons (but only if it’s an old-fashioned dungeon crawl of course. Problem is, we’ve already done the Dead Alewives’ Dungeons and Dragons (Satan’s game!).

Luckily, a new generation of gamer has risen to the challenge of making fun of rules lawyers, power gamers and people who don’t show up to games ’cause they have, like, lives and stuff. If the Dead Alewive’s Dungeons and Dragons is the cultural touchstone for geeks of the 1990s, then The Gamers (by the Dead Gentlemen, imagine that!) is the cultural touchstone for geeks of the new millennium. But this is LARP (Live Action RPG Parodying) (which would actually be LARPGP) (sorry, I like to use parentheses) (but you probably knew that already) (anyway, how about those Yankees?).

I’m actually having a little trouble deciding out how to present this. Maybe the best way to explain my conundrum is to make note of my last post, for What To Do in a Zombie Attack. See, I basically put a pay movie – one that you can buy on DVD – for free on the blog. However, Lone Bannana Productions, who made the movie, not only offered on YouTube but even put it up for free download on

Not so with The Gamers. It’s not up for legit free download anywhere that I know of, and I don’t how AleBliska, who put it up on YouTube, is connected with the movie, if at all.

I know it’s kind of silly and inconsistent. But it’s these little things that I obsess about nowadays.

So I’m going to split the difference and just post the first two of five parts on this blog. These have some of the best gags, anyway: the pants pickpocketing, the ballista backstabbing and the paralyzing fear of water. Some of these things have happened to every gamer. And some of them… not so much.

Then stop by Paizo Publishing and drop a dime or two on the Director’s Cut of The Gamers. Or if you’re poor, like me, you can always hunt the other three parts down on YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2


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