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12-20-08 My Ten (or So) Favorite Fan Videos of 2008

Posted by Sean on December 20, 2008

Well, it’s the New Year for me (or at least it will be in an hour, when we cross over from Dec. 20 to Dec. 21 and the Winter Solstice). And what could be more New Year-y than a Top Ten list?

I hate Top Ten lists.

But far be it from me to bring down the republic. So here it is, in no particular order: My Ten (or So) Favorite Fan Videos of 2008!

The Chimney Song – Bob Rivers

Since it’s Christmas, let’s lead off with something for that floating fat man Baron Harkonen Santa Claus: Bob River’s The Chimney Song. There were actually two very good fan videos for this.

Courtesy of finalfantasysrikku

… and Floyd C. Snow.


And we of course can’t talk about Santa Claus without his little demonic helper Krampus, can we?

G4 commercial courtesy of gunhin888.

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles

An outstanding video that catches the very trippy feel of this very trippy song by Bob Pipe.

Stars – Ulrich Schnauss

Stars is shoegazing rock played on a sounding board the size of the universe and that knows the chinks in my armor like a lover. xavierXreviax came up with not one but two excellent, if somewhat repetitve, videos that, in my opinion, are worthy of this song.

The first…

… and the second.

Red Hot Car – Squarepusher

Squarepusher’s Red Hot Car was the subject of a number of excellent fan videos. This is one of the best, with Kurt Miller showing off his made kung fu and editing skeelz.

Intersexual Overdrive – Seksu Roba

A futuristic and somewhat work-unsafe fan video (mostly for hot lesbian kissing and such) from jkamen999.

Bathtime in Clerkenwell and Cuckoo Cloud Land by The Real Tuesday Weld

Alex Budovsky made not one but two very good videos, with animation reminiscent shadow puppets envisioned by Max Fleischer, for these two songs from The Real Tuesday Weld.

Bathtime in Clerkenwell

And the sequel, Cuckoo Cloud Land

Monkey Man and Like a White Bat in a Box, Dead Matter Go On – Melt Banana

Dave Fischer makes, or rather programs, movies in C on computers that colleges and other institutions have deemed called obselete. These are two of his videos for Japanese band Melt-Banana.

Monkey Man

Like a White Bat in a Box, Dead Matter Go On

David Fischer – The Thin Wax Line

Another David Fischer animation with  soundtrack by Irene Moon. Anti-human propganda by bees  also known as  “EDUCATION ON HUMANS by supreme royal of BEE and examples from camera” (and try saying that five times fast).

Devil Town – Daniel Johnston, covered by Bright Eyes

Courtesy of The Egg Master.

Ah Pook Is Here – William S. Burroughs

A stop-motion and CGI student movie based on William S. Burrough’s spoken-word piece Ah Pook Is Here, put up on YouTube by Csasba2.

 Steam Trek – Dennis Sisterson

Not so much Steampunk Trek (no brass goggles, for one thing) as Star Trek by Thomas Edison instead of Desilu, made by Dennis Sisterson and a few friends over a bank holiday.

Penny Dreadful

This, on the other hand, is steampunk. Explanations are in order. What we would call pulp fiction, the Victorians would call a “penny dreadful”.

deidzoeb just took it from there.


This display is called Cyberflora, a Personal Robots Group (PRG) project at MIT Media Lab overseen by Cynthia Breazeal, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences. Per the Cyberflora site:

This robotic flower garden is comprised of four species of cyberflora. Each combines animal-like behavior and flower-like characteristics into a robotic instantiation that senses and responds to people in a life-like and distinct manner.

A soft melody serves as the garden’s musical aroma that subtly changes as people interact with the flowers.

Delicate and graceful, Cyberflora communicates a future vision of robots that shall intrigue us intellectually and touch us emotionally. The installation explores a style of human-robot interaciton that is fluid, dynamic, and harmonious.

Courtesy of meatskunk.

I have walked on worlds in my mind’s eye, under purple and butterscotch skies, where the flowers were like this: gentle or vicious, voluptuous, faceless but expressive and tender. They still call to me, but sometimes I forget tem. I need something like this to remind me of them.

 Dulcinea – ISIS

It’s a music video for , and EverythingPermitted claims its his/her/its/their first attempt at a claymation and at a music video, for ISISDulcinea, off 2006’s In the Absence of Truth. I’m impressed.

Otaku of the world, rejoice!

pixeloo is a professional graphic designer with an odd hobby: converting cartoon characters into human beings – weird physiology and all. This is one of his/her/its/their more attractive efforts: “untooning Jessica Rabbit”.

Ich Will – Rammstein w/Winnie the Pooh

This is why William S. Burroughs would have loved AMVs. You take some audio like krautrockers Rammstein’s, is Ich Will, off of 2001’s Mutter, combine it with some completely unrelated video, like Winnie the Pooh, and grok the unintended synchronicities.

Courtesy of np2ij.

A promotional movie that Volition made for their game Summoner, set to that geek touchstone the Dead Alewives’ Dungeons and Dragons (Satan’s game!). The game sucked. The movie’s good.

Courtesy of JenxRodwell.

Nain Milakar Chain Churana – The Knockouts

I’m pretty sure this is the “official” video for Nain Milakar Chain Churana, off The Remarkable Sounds of India. But since it looks like the band shot it, and because The Remarkable Sounds of India deserves more exposure, I’m including it here.

Courtesy of sheridanski.

My Friend GodTim Maloney

Yet again… offered without comment.

Courtesy of Tim Maloney at nakedrabbit.

A Divine Proclamation to End the Present Existence Last Days of Humanity w/Bert and Ernie

And yet again… offered without comment.

Courtesy of HAYW1R3.

Suite NicoNico in MarioLand

This is what happens when you lock an NES and anime fan in a room without a computer for two weeks without relief.

Courtesy of IsoTkhs, with the soundtrack Suite NicoNico here.

Thanks yet again to Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing for pointing this out.

Rendevous with Rama Trailer

We lost a great science fiction author this year: Arthur C. Clarke. You may know him best for 2001: A Space Odyssey. But my favorite book from him will always be the wonderfully alien, if ultimately frustrating, Rendevous with Rama.

One of the videos I put up to mark his death was short student film directed by Aaron M. Ross, put up by vladikoff. It’s done like a trailer for a Rendevous with Rama feature movie, and it’s a pitch-perfect adaptation of the Endeavour crew’s first glimpse of the inside of Rama.

Rendevous with Rama Flythrough

This is the other movie put up in memory of Clarke: A 3D view of Rama object, a 3D flyover by Eric Bruneton of the inside of Rama, put up on YouTube and by Delfwaren.

Falling – Julee Cruise

An incredibly lonely and emotional rendition of Julee Cruise’s Falling, the theme music to Twin Peaks… done by, of all things, two computers, Mister Hopkinson’s Computer and his friend The Audrey 3000, with speech synthesis.

Uncanny valley much?

Courtesy of cubelog.

Two Minutes of Insanity

A video that combines two of my favorite things – homebrew videos and and the schizophrenic racist rantings of Francis E. Dec.

Courtesy of soaringchicken, with audio by Boyd “Doc” Britton.

Evergreen – Yoann Lemoine

Courtesy of aniBoom.

 Scared of Chaka – All My Friends Are Ghosts

Offered mostly for the song and not the video.

Courtesy of BlankTV.

The City Sleeps – MC 900 Foot Jesus

I’ll let mikeandmitch describe this video, cos I can’t improve on it:

Fire. This may serve as a good blanket explanation for a great many things. I had much surplus FX video and MC900 foot jesus did not seem to have a video for this tune. Here is my humble tribute. Great music indeed.

In other words, he/she/it/they are pyros. And that’s why we love ya, because fire is cool.

The Lazer Collection – Dominic Fera

Offered without comment… because I really don’t know what to say.

Courtesy of DominicFear.

The Day They Came to Suck Out Our Brains – Robert Pipe

Yet another movie from Bob Pipe and slopping over with Ed Wood goodness.

Egwegious Wittle Kitty Cuteness

I did a post on egregious cat cuteness, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t torture you with this double-barreled dose of hideous adorableness again. You first example is . This one’s for my brother Brian and Charcoal who, let’s face it, could kick Sparta’s ass.

Your first is “The Mean Cat Song”, also known as Hey Little Sparta. Courtesy of Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams (Web site here).

I can tell you from experience that cat owners do talk like that… or worse.

Your second is Kitty Cat Dance, courtesy of steveibsen.

Ferenc Rofusz – The Fly

Academy Award-winning animation from waaaaaay back in 1981, before CGI. Amazing what you can do with nothing but a stack of animation cels.

Courtesy of Uviz.

How to Eat a Chip for Newbiez

Your What the FUCK for May 25. Offered once again without comment… except that it has over 1 million views.

One. Million. Views.

Courtesy of way21337.

Birthday Greetings from Joe Cocker

Ever wonder what Joe Cocker is really saying in his cover of the Beatles’ With a Little Help from My Friends? Intrepid researcher jakepride looked into it and reported his findings in Birthday Greetings from Joe Cocker.


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