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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

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Archive for November, 2008

11-30-08 Julie Andrews, hot, steamy and topless

Posted by Sean on November 30, 2008

Well, Shanoah, if we’re gonna do Julie Andrews [1], then we’d be remiss if we didn’t include her first topless scene.

Or maybe we wouldn’t be remiss. But… ah, what the hell.

Andrews starred in several Blake Edwards movies, but probably her most memorable is 1981’s S. O. B.,  a movie-in-a-movie about a producer trying to resuscitate the fortunes of a children’s movie. Here’s the intro to S. O. B., with said kiddie movie.

Courtesy of Sorrisotta87.

And how do you generate interest – and ticket sales – in a piece of saccharine tripe like that? Why, by turning it into an R-rated Caligula-esque sex romp and letting everyone know that sweet and innocent Sally Miles (Julie Andrews) is going to appear nude! Say what you will about the movie, you gotta love any actor who’d self-parody herself like that.

The music in this clip isn’t original. It’s a fanvid for the Seamus Haji remix of Rihanna’s Take a Bow. But it just works, you know?

Need I point out that this video isn’t work safe?

Courtesy of Dalkveron.

[1] Huh huh, he said we were gonna do Julie Andrews. Huh huh huh heh heh huh heh heh heh heh huh huh huh heh huh huh huh heh heh huh huh heh heh heh huh huh huh heh heh heh heh huh huh huh…


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Julie Andrews

Posted by shanoah on November 30, 2008

Well, I should actually be back tomorrow, so for todays post, I thought I’d play some clips of Julie Andrews on the Muppet Show.

I Whistle A Happy Tune

Here we see Julie singing a song to keep her spirits up while surrounded by monsters. Or worse, fans.

A Song For Kermit

And here she is with a lovely song about when Kermit was young.

The Lonely Goatherd

And I’m sure everyone recalls this song.

I was very tempted to put Julie Andrews singing “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” in here too, but that wasn’t on the Muppet Show. Pity she was filming Mary Poppins at the time My Fair Lady was filmed, though. She appears to have been very good at the part of Eliza Doolittle.

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11-29-08 The 1984 Apple Macintosh Commercial

Posted by Sean on November 29, 2008

Well, Shanoah, if we’re going to run stodgy Windows commercials, then we ought to show their polar opposite, right? And I think you know where I’m going with this…

Football fans who tuned in to the 1984 Super Bowl were treated to a little TV advertising history around the third quarter. The spot was directed by Ridley Scott (back when he was a good director) to introduce Apple’s new Macintosh computers, and it became forever known as the “1984” commercial.

Courtesy of seancollier.

Ted Friedman of Duke University goes much more into the history and impact of this commercial than I’m willing to here. It’s worth a read. But I do want to reiterate one of his points in this blog:

… Ever since that commercial, the Mac has glowed with an aura of rebellion and empowerment. Without that commercial, those subsequent developments might not have been possible. The creative workers who embraced the Mac later in the 1980s may have never taken the plunge, without the buzz the commercial created. Without such a blockbuster introduction, in fact, the Mac might have sank before it ever had a chance to prove itself – as happened to its immediate Apple predecessor, the Lisa.

Well, the Macintosh hasn’t sunk, but it hasn’t exactly thrived, either. I mean, it has, what, two percent of the PC market? It just goes to show that advertising prowess doesn’t always translate into sold product. The converse, unfortunately, can also be said of Microsoft.

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Windows and Dos

Posted by shanoah on November 29, 2008

Periodically I play old commercials here, and I thought I’d continue that today with a theme of old Microsoft commercials.

Windows may have gotten to be the dominant operating system on the market, but with some of these commercials, you have to wonder how:

MS DOS 5.0

Wow, a full 45K more of memory! Though it is notable as one of the few Microsoft upgrades that actually freed up memory.

And “It’s like selling fries with every burger”. There’s a scary thought. Get a computer, and have them ask “Do you want Microsoft with that?”. Though that may be preferable to being forced to buy it with the pc.

I’m hesitant to complain about how cheesy it is, given the next commercial, though:

Windows 1.0

You remember everyone using Windows 1.0, right? No? This might have been part of why.

So what do you do with someone who dresses and acts like a used car salesman, and clearly can’t sell Windows? Why, you make him CEO, of course.

Yes, this is early Steve Ballmer, well known for tossing chairs at people, screeching like a monkey, and his developers chant. I may very well do a post just of him some day.

Windows 95

Their advertising had clearly improved by Windows 95. My only real complaint about this ad is that they cut the Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” off right before the lines that really describe Windows in all its iterations.

Namely, “You make a grown man cry“.[1]

[1] And no, I’m not the first person to observe this. I have to give due credit to Douglas Adams, since that’s where I first heard mention of it.

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11-28-08 Savlonic – Electro Gypsy

Posted by Sean on November 28, 2008

Well, this may seem a bit irreverent after the Traveling People of Ireland and the UK,  but… here’s some 8-but goodness by Savlonic titled, appropriately enough, Electro Gyspsy.

Courtesy of mrweebl.

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Go Move Shift

Posted by shanoah on November 28, 2008

There’s always been a certain fascination for me with traveling groups; Gypsies, the traveling people, tinkers. I’ve heard that if you go back in my own family tree long enough, there are Gypsies. Not close enough for me to really be able to tell other then a certain liking for exotic music and flamboyant clothing (Don’t evern speak anything other then English), but enough to catch my interest.

This song really caught my eye, though. The clip I’m about to play intersperses it with interview quotes to give a fairly good view of the Traveling Peoples situation in the U.K.

Travellers Situation: Go Move Shift

This song, and in fact, all of the songs in this post, is by Ewan MacColl. Here is another song about the Travelling people that I really like. The version by Cherish The Ladies is also quite good, if you ever see it. (It’s on the album “The Girls Won’t Leave the Boys Alone”).

(A Freeborn Man of) of the Traveling People – The Clancy Brothers

And I thought I’d play a different version of the moving on song. I actually prefer this version, (sung by Neil & Calum MacColl, with Karine Polwart and Chris Wood) or it being sung straight by Ewan MacColl, but the previous version was worth it for all the interview clips.

Moving On Song (Go, Move, Shift) – MacColl/Polwart/Wood

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11-26-08 Thanksgiving dinner, naked lunches and Christina Ricci getting all Native American on some Puritan ass

Posted by Sean on November 27, 2008

Speaking of naked lunches

Ah, Thanksgiving… the day when we celebrate a bunch of ill-equipped, uptight Christian fundies and their Indian friends who helped them survive their first year in a new and virgin land (well, new and virgin except for their Indian friends, who had been living there for the past 10,000 years or so). And when I say “we”, I of course mean “everyone except the descendants of the Pilgrims’ Indian friends, who probably spend Thanksgivings redoubling their efforts build a time machine so they can go back to Plymouth Colony and kick the Pilgrims back into the Atlantic with a couple hundred TOW missiles.”

Perhaps I’m not getting this whole Thanksgiving thing.

But really, I am thankful for the Pilgrims’ sacrifices because – call me old-fashioned – without them, I wouldn’t have a mid-week day off at the end of November. [1] With that thought in mind, I offer this scene from 1993’s Addams Family Values – poignant in its relevance to today’s solemn holiday and a fine example of why Wednesday was my favorite character in that movie.

Courtesy of the appropriately-handled DayForWoe.

[1] Of course, I know the real origins of today’s Thanksgiving holiday. But it’s a little harder to be snarky about hundreds of thousands of Civil War dead.

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Posted by shanoah on November 27, 2008

Well, not actually being here for thanksgiving, I thought I’d show you all a quick thanksgiving poem you can say with your families at the dinner table on Thanksgiving… if you never want to be invited back.

This has language and statements in it that, while ironic, will shock you. Well, it is William Burroughs. You have been warned:

The Thanksgiving Prayer – William S Burroughs

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11-25-08 The Muppet Show – Java

Posted by Sean on November 26, 2008

I agree, Shanoah. The Muppetness of this blog has gotten entirely too high lately (not that this is a bad thing). But before I leave this thread, I have to share a Muppet Show skit that probably explains why I’m the way I am nowadays.

This skit is called “Java”. It first aired on Feb. 21, 1977 in the United States, and it went off like an atom bomb in my young and easily impressionable mind when I first saw it. According to Muppet Wiki, this is based on the instumental song Java by trumpeter Al Hirt – which is probably why these little fellas are called “Javas”.

What Java and trumpets have to do with dancing meat tubes (one of which has a howitzer in its foot), I have no idea.

How Jim Henson and Co. came up with the idea of dancing meat tubes, and why they thought that said dancing meat tubes were the best artistic expression for Java… again, I can only speculate.

But this skit does give you an idea of what we lost when Jim Henson died.

Courtesy of giorgiop5.

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Posted by shanoah on November 26, 2008

That is a cool song, Sean. It has madmen and space in it; what more does it need?

Well, this is my last post before taking off until Monday, so the next post will have to at least pause the Muppet Mayhem from my side. I don’t want to lock Sean into a theme for that entire time, after all.

I thought I’d play more of the muppet show before leaving, though.

I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

And, of course, this song makes me think of John Cleese. And John Clease has been on the Muppet Show, so…

The Impossible Dream

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