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Posted by shanoah on October 30, 2008

All right, today I decided to go with an anime theme, and I’m specifically doing with ones with a “Neko“[1] theme.

The last video in this batch is not worksafe, incidentally. I originally had that one in a draft by itself as “Catgirl Hentai”, and I’ve kept certain comments from that. ^_^

This could also be considered to have a theme of “catchy songs that get stuck in your head”:

Neko Mimi Mode

I love this opening. It’s so random. And I couldn’t resist watching a show with a vampire catgirl, anyways. Enjoyed the show, too. The first few episodes, anyways.

Neko Hanten!

This is from Ranma 1/2, and as you can see, is a slideshow to the song. This song is basically Shampoo advertising for her restaurant, the Cat Cafe. And it’s catchy as all hell.

And to warn you, the next video is from a hentai game.

Neko Kawaii Gari

It’s cute. It’s Hentai. It involves underage[2] catgirls. And its Engrish.

So why have I watched it so many times?

Dunno. Cat girl fetish?

And would I buy this hentai game if I came across it in a store? Oh, hell, probably. 🙂

And, yes, I know you’re reading this in the draft section, Sean. ^_- (From Sean: Darn you and your uncanny knowledge of my kinks, Shanoah! DARN YOU TO HEEEEEECCCCCCKKKKKK!)

Actually, from what I’ve read, looks like the cat girls in this game are terminally ill, and it may actually have a plot and backstory.

If you want to find out more, you might check the ending music. I’ll warn you that it’s rather sad and depressing, though.

[1] Japanese for cat. But I’m sure you already know that.

[2] Well, they look under 18, anyways. Maybe cat girls age slower then humans? Or it may just be better explained by the fact that in Japan, the age of consent varies anywhere from 13 to 18.[3]

[3] If you’re interested, 13 is national law. Most prefactures override it with local laws, pushing the age up to 18 or so.[4]

[4] Often with Clintonesque definitions of sex, IIRC…


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