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9-17-08 Animosity & Drumcorps – Thin Retro God and Altered Beast

Posted by Sean on September 17, 2008

Well, my neat thing today is about as far removed from traditional modern airs as one can get.

Imagine what happens when a deathcore outfit like San Francisco’s Animosity lets Berlin techno artist Aaron Spectre, aka Drumcorps, play around with their album Animal? The result is Altered Beast, a sample of which I heard on Brian Turner‘s show yesterday on WFMU. You know those clichéd buzzwords that Nathan Explosion likes to throw around on Metalocalypse, words like “metal” and “hard” and “dark” and “brutal”? Altered Beast is the only music that I’ve heard recently where words like that have any meaning.

Spectre has twisted and tortured Animosity’s screaming and howling into non-Euclidean shapes that sound like radio telemetry of galaxies imploding. It’s what deathcore would sound like if you shot it off to the ends of the universe and had it come looping back after ten trillion years and through uncharted dimensions, the Muzak of R’Lyeh. And it makes the fanged, fetid, sinuous thing inside me writhe with something approximating joy in its unlit lair.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the cover art.

Altered Beast cover - Animosity feat. Drumcorps

Altered Beast cover - Animosity & Drumcorps

At least, I think that’s the cover art. Could be concept art from John Carpenter’s The Thing, for all I know, or a color plate from the Unaussprechlichen Kulten: “Summer Camp on Shaggai! Note to self: never drink the bug juice there ever again”.

Free Altered Beast download at

And for a preview of what you can expect, here’s Animosity and Drumcorps on the single Altered Beast video that I could find (or at least the single one that I could find with decent audio quality): Thin Retro God. Courtesy of guynm.


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