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Silly Season – Sarah Palin

Posted by shanoah on September 3, 2008

Well, Sean, you know that I’m not always the most up to date on these things, because I don’t watch tv for the most part.

In fact, the only TV in my apartment is the tv usb stick hooked up to my computer. So my first impression of Sarah Palin after hearing her name was this Shortpacked cartoon:

(What can I say? I read several webcomics.)

So I’ve started reading up about her a bit. The first song I spotted out featuring her was this one:

The Ballad of Sarah Palin – WarpedCorp

Wonder if she goes out hunting with Dick Cheney? In fact, she seems to be a major gun & hunting nut:

I’ll spare you the picture of her with the mangled body of a moose at her feet.

So, what does she plan to do as VP? Well, seems she’s still waiting for someone to explain that.

From what I’ve read on her positions, she is pro-life, and believes in abstinence. She supports creationism in schools, but does not believe in sex education in those same schools.

This probably explains why she has 5 children, including a 17 year old daughter who is 5 months pregnant.

I’ve also watched John McCain talk about her. My edited and highly biased hearing:

“Oh yeah, she’s a partner and a soul mate… I’m so proud of her… I’m so excited about this person, Governor Palin, I can’t tell you…”

And don’t forget what goes on in that mind of his (Note: sensitive people may want to skip these last two videos):

Of course, he probably slipped because he uses that word so often:

So, yeah, checking all this, I’m tending to agree with you on why she got the position, Sean. On his part, anyways. On hers, well, perhaps if he wins, we’ll see another hunting accident on the part of the newest vice president…


2 Responses to “Silly Season – Sarah Palin”

  1. Shimmy said

    “Don’t be afraid of information,” Sarah Palin said. “Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching evolution side-by-side with the Babylonian account of creation, ‘Marduk Creates the World from the Spoils of Battle.'”

  2. shanoah said

    Thanks for the citation. I was going mainly on secondary sources…

    I’ll admit I’m not in favor of the version of creation for one particular religion being taught side by side with evolution, though.

    Though an aside reference, like briefly mentioning that some people believe that the universe was created a priori by some sort of deity who then faked records of the dinosaurs, the missing link, etc… rather then taking the easier route of just using evolution to create people wouldn’t be amiss.

    Soem discussion of the difference between a scientific theory, such as the theory of gravity, and the theory that there is a monster under my bed wouldn’t be amiss, either.

    I am, however, in favor of sex education in schools, because not teaching children about sex leads to things, like, say, having a teenage daughter who is 5 months pregnant at 17.

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