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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

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Archive for August, 2008


Posted by shanoah on August 31, 2008

…that is an interesting bit of syncronicity.

Much like China jailing a bunch of protesters during the Olympics, and the US complaining, and then the US arresting and jailing a bunch of people who were planning on protesting at the Republican convention beforehand, on charges like “fire code violation”[1].

And the US isn’t protesting. And the mainstream media aren’t covering it, unless I missed it. Read more about it at feministing, their followup, and of course, Glenn Greenwald, who is always worth reading.

And since you’re playing Syncronicity[3]…

Changes – Yes

And an appropriate followup for my last post would have been “Sweet Transvestite“, from the Rocky Horror Show, Sean. Since you weren’t sure how to follow that up… 🙂

[1] You see, having a door that’s been bashed in, and is hanging off the hinges breaks the fire code[2]. Even when the police ( & FBI ) were the ones that bashed it in (without showing a warrant).

[2] Honestly.

[3] Which I do really like.


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8-31-08 The Police – Synchronicity

Posted by Sean on August 31, 2008

Well, Shanoah, I’m not exactly sure how to follow up a post on transsexual men.

So I’ll just note this: Hurricane Gustav slamming into New Orleans almost three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina and during the Republican National Convention is a weird little bit of synchronicity, don’t you think?

Courtesy of gene921.

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A Post With A Substantial Lack of Ladies

Posted by shanoah on August 31, 2008

Killer robots from outer space? Boy, I post one song about Robots from Kraftwerk, and suddenly they’re all over the place, destroying all the humans.

And in the meantime, I can’t really find my way to making a good theme with the one music video I have tucked away involving robots.

But a song by the Who comes on my mp3 player, and and suddenly I have a whole theme about men in drag going. Without even referencing Rocky Horror Picture Show. Scary.

So, here we go:

I'm A Boy - The Who (1967)

Here we have the sad story of a boy whose mother dresses him up as a girl. There are some strange people out there. (Even if we exclude David Bowie)

Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Aerosmith 1987

And here’s a classic Aerosmith song. I’m not much for Aerosmith, but they have their moments. (Which for me is mainly this song, and “Janies Got a Gun”).

Lola - The Kinks 1970

But for a classic story of being drunk enough in a bar not to notice that you’re chatting up a crossdresser, we have to go to the Kinks, with Lola.

I love this song, especially with the double meanings implicit in the lyrics.

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
Its a mixed up muddled up shook up world
except for Lola
Well I'm not the worlds most masculine man
But I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man
And so's Lola

Of course, I also always think of Weird Al’s parody of this song, Yoda, which is brilliant.

Rebel, Rebel - David Bowie

And, you know, I mentioned excluding David Bowie earlier in this post, and that isn’t really fair to him with a theme like this. So here he is, being all metrosexual in “Rebel, Rebel”.

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8-30-08 The Killer Robots

Posted by Sean on August 31, 2008

Oh, those robots are okay, I guess, Shanoah. But I don’t want wimpy robots that actually do something useful. I want KILLER ROBOTS!


This highly unlikely collection of freaks and misfits (my kind of crowd, in other words) is the Killer Robots. To quote from their Web site: “After attempting to make a beer run in a stolen imperial battle-foot, the Killer Robots collided with a piece of space debris and crash landed on earth. Forced to wait over a hundred years for an essential part, the four get part time jobs and start a rock band to pay the bills.”

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen them in person, and that’s a shame, because it sounds like it’d be a hoot:

“The Killer Robots played their first show in June of 2005 and quickly became known for their anarchic stage shows and goofball music. The Killer Robots knew they were on to something and organized a guerilla theater troupe for every show they played in order to handle the chaos.”

“With this guerilla troupe in place the group’s well-known antics became systematic and organized. Monsters began to interact with the crowd. Audience members were given foam weapons with which they could participate in the battle with the monsters. Candy exploded from the head of Monko the Gladiator and Vicious Mosquito while Space Blob filled with air and threatened to envelope the audience. Mer-Monkey and Rock lobster battled it out on the floor while Trog refereed. Confetti cannons fired away with the arrival of Abraham Lincoln.”

In other words, a GWAR concert, but hopped up on steroids, angel dust and crank. Gotta love it. I mean, have you ever noticed that there’s not much to do at concerts? You can listen the band, who usually turn their amps up so high that you can’t understand them, and if you’re at a metal concert you can jump into the mosh pit, but that’s about it. But whacking something called Monko the Gladiator with a pool noodle? That sounds like fun.

Something tells me you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in this blog.

All videos courtesy of the band at thekillerrobots. First song: Theme Song. Second song: I AM ROBOT.

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Other Robots

Posted by shanoah on August 30, 2008

Sure, a guy turned into a robot is cool, Sean, but not exactly near the realms of what can be done. There are a lot of neat things being done with robots in Japan right now, though. Check out these robots from Sony:

Dancing Sony Robots

See, nice smooth movement, and they are coordinated enough to dance. Then there’s this Toyota robot:

Violin Playing Robot

A robot that can play the violin, and the next generation in wheelchair technology. Then there’s the next generation in fembots:

Cute Girl Robot

Though you’ll notice she doesn’t appear mobile. And, of course, you recall the singing computer voices that have been featured here before:

melody... - Vocaloid (Miku Hatsune PV)

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while anyways; I thought it was a particularly good piece done with the Vocaloid software.

Now if they were able to combine all this technology, I’d begin to be worried. A robot that could sing, dance, play the violin, and looked like a cute Japanese girl.

Actually, I’m not sure if I’d be worried, or checking the price tag.

And did you say that McCain picked Emperor Palpatine for his running mate? Good choice on his part…

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8-29-08 My Robot Friend – Robot High School

Posted by Sean on August 30, 2008

Well, this one’s been on the front page of YouTube for a few days, but it’s so good that I feel I must jump on the band wagon that it’s probably kicked up and give it a plug.

It’s Robot High School by New York performance artist Howard Robot, better known as My Robot Friend (site here), and I’m including it, not just because the music’s good, but because the video is just so damn cool.

The director Xelor (Roel Wouters) shot this video all in one long three-minute take in Amsterdam in October 2007. And I love some long takes in anything. But that’s not the only clever thing about this video.

Making it one long take cuts down on postproduction and means you can theoretically get in all your shooting in under four minutes. That in turn cuts down on your costs. Also, despite the CGI look to it, it’s done mostly with physical props (although it does mention that there was rotoscoping in the credits; not sure where that came in). The blackball is held up with a pole behind that spinning cylinder (although I still can’t figure out how they got it into the shot with the pole showing). That means no postproduction CGI beyond “some minor post-production cleanup”, either. It’s a fantastic example of low-tech, low-budget movie making, where cleverness replaces big special effects.

Plus, hey, it’s about a guy who’s turned into a robot. What’s not to like?

Oh, and don’t worry. I have things to say about Barack Obama’s acceptance speech and the probable nomination of Sarah “Hillary Slayer” Palin as McCain’s VP. But not now. The woods are dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep. Remember, Anatoliy, miles to go before you sleep. Now go blow up that power station.

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Posted by shanoah on August 29, 2008

You know, Sean, I can occassionally sympathize with your undying hatred of the human race. After playing “My Hump”, Alanis Morrissette, and “Numa Numa”, I’m feeling like I need to return to my roots somewhat.

And for the purposes of this post, anyways, that would be Supertramp. I did live in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area, and the local celeberty there was Roger Hodgeson, one of the two main members of Supertramp.

In any case, if you feel like killing all the humans, be careful, or people might talk about putting you in an asylum:


I’ve always had an affinity with this song, which should surprise no one. After all, I read things like this[1]:

Don’t arrange to have me sent to no asylum
I’m just as sane as anyone
It’s a just a game I play for fun – for fun.
I told em – look! – I said I’m not the way you’re thinking,
Just when I’m down, I’ll be a clown, I’ll play the fool.

Hide In Your Shell

Ok, let’s be honest; I loved the whole album “Crime of the Century“, which both these songs are off of. This was a particularly good song, though.

Part of why I like this song is that ‘hiding in your shell’ is unfortunately something I’m rather good at. The complex structure on this song is also part of it. And the lyrics are certainly worth a look.

Maybe I'm A Beggar

Now, you might notice the sound of this song is a bit different. That is because this is off of Supertramp’s first album (titled simply “Supertramp”), and Rick Davies and Roger Hodgeson are the only musicians on this album that were on later albums.

Notably, all the lyrics on this album were written Richard Palmer, who also did some of the vocals, including on this song, and wrote lyrics for the band King Crimson.

Oh, and if this song seems like there should be more at the end, the songs on this album tended to work into each other. Really good album, actually, just hard to find, which is why the only copy I have of it is a tape tucked away somewhere.

[1] Skin Horse, by Shaenon Garrity & Jeffrey Wells, incidentally.

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8-28-08 Humans

Posted by Sean on August 28, 2008

Well, you did it, Shanoah. After watching those three Dragostea din tei videos, I now have a deep and undying hatred for the human race (as opposed to my previous shallow and extremely long-lived hatred for the human race) [1].

Reza Rasoli seems to share my loathing for the human race, as can be seen in this AniBOOM cartoon Humans!

But then came the great robot uprising in the fantastic futuristic year of 2000, and now – as related by Flight of the Conchords, out of Wellington, New Zealand – The Humans are Dead. And all I have to say is, “Thank God.”

From Flight of the Conchords’ 2007 album The Distant Future. Footage from their HBO series titled, appropriately enough, Flight of the Conchords. Courtesy of martiansunrise.

[1] And the hell of it is that I like Dragostea din tei. I just prefer it being sung by a fat guy into his webcam, not a boy band.

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Dragostea din tei

Posted by shanoah on August 28, 2008

Well, Sean, much as I like weird animation, I’m still in the mood for weird music.

This time, I grabbed a song I’m sure you know, though likely not by the official name, Dragostea din tei. You’re more likely to have known it as “Numa Numa”, or “that weird ‘My ah he my ah hu my ah ha my ah haha‘ thing”.

What struck me as interesting is that all sorts of countries have done covers of it. But first, to remind you, lets play the original:

Dragostea din tei (Numa Numa) - Ozone

The closest official translation of this song title appears to be “Love of the linden tree”. And this song is in Romanian, in case you were curious.

Now, for the expectedly bizarre Japanese version:

Koi no Buchiage Tengoku: Koi no Maiahi~Chiwawa~Banzai - Maeda Ken

A Japanese version of the song, that, being Japanese, involves crossdressing. Note that the teacher and the student with a crush on him are in fact the same person; a Japanese comedian.

And I’m still not sure where Chihuahua‘s come into it. And I think I’ll finish off with the Chinese version:

Bu Pa Bu Pa - Jocie Kok

Unlike the last version, this Mandrian Chinese version by Jocie Kok does not appear to be sung by someone in drag. In fact, the title of this version translates to “Not afraid, Not afraid”, and is about overcoming fears.

Though from the opening, at first I thought it was about cellphones. And I somehow suspect that the Japanese version is a parody of this version[1], though I can’t be sure…

[1] Especially given the artist name.

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8-27-08 Blu – Letter A

Posted by Sean on August 27, 2008

Well, Shanoah, I’m more in the mood for weird animation than I am for weird music. That sand animation in The Seven Deadly Sins put me in the mood for more strange animation, and it’s very possible that’s that all you’re going to get out of me for the next few days.

Anyway, when I think weird animation, my thoughts instantly turn to the Buenos Aires art collective Blu, who are the only people that I know of who paint animated graffiti. It’s basically traditional stop-motion animation, but with walls and the sides of buildings for cels.

I’ve already showcased one of their efforts on this blog – the sprawling, city-spanning, globe-trotting MUTO, which took gods know how many days to finish and took over walls in Buenos Aires and in Baden, Germany. This one, Letter A, is a more modest effort and took up only one whitewashed wall room in New York’s Johnathan Levine Gallery in 2007. But it’s just as freaky and as clever as MUTO.

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