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7-18-08 Bad Religion – American Jesus

Posted by Sean on July 18, 2008

Aw, Jeez, Shanoah, ya had to turn Jesus into a blog theme, didn’t ya? Well, you know where this is going…



I’ve often said it: I love Jesus. I just hate his fan club.

Someone once told me that he prefered Christians to Muslims because Muslims will try to blow you up, while Christians will only pray for you (and blow up your abortion clinics) (and beat up your gays) (and pass laws to force their blinkered, benighted, medieval worldview down your gullet). This may be true.

But when said prayers are backed up by nuclear missiles and Predator unmanned attack planes, as the Christianity of America is, then those prayers get a little intimidating.

Done right, Christianity is a boon and blessing to mankind. I will never forget the time when I saw members of the Southern Baptist Convention – you know, the one known for hating gays – working in the Red Cross shelter after the big flood in Wayne some years back. Makes you think a bit.

But done wrong and… well, just ask the people of the Middle East, Spain and Salem what happens when Christianity goes wrong. You might say, “But Christianity isn’t like that anymore!” To which I respond: “Good! Then let’s keep it that way!”

Now, we’ve covered the subject of Jesus before. We’ve even covered the subject of Chocolate Jesus before. But us secularist humanist Communist New Age Satanic types just can’t stop tweaking the noses of you holy rollers. It’s like peanuts, you know?

So here’s the fellows at Bad Religion with American Jesus, from 1993’s Recipe for Hate. You may have read about Bad Religion before on this blog. And perhaps you have.

Courtesy of aterrorist, as you might expect.


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