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Red Dwarf

Posted by shanoah on July 1, 2008

For some odd reason, I feel like doing todays post about Red Dwarf.

Yes, that show. A rather wacky british sci-fi comedy show, it’s one of these things you either love or hate, really.

For a quick, rather inadequate summary: Dave Lister is the lowest ranking crew member on the mining ship Red Dwarf, with an unlikeable git immediately above him, Arnold Rimmer.

He smuggles a pregnant cat on board, and given a choice between going into suspended animation for the rest of the trip, and having his cat dissected, he chooses suspended animation.

While in suspended animation, a radiation leak wipes out the rest of the crew. He is revived 3 million years later in deep space, kept company by a lifeform that evolved from his cat, Holly, the ships computer, and a hologram of Rimmer.

Much wackiness ensues. And there have actually been several song and dance numbers, so this isn’t too far off from my normal posts:

Tongue-Tied – Danny John-Jules

A cut version of this was the opening of one of the episodes. As you can see, Danny John-Jules, who plays Cat, is quite talented. This song was actually on the top twenty charts after this was released.

I thought about playing the aired version, but there was too much laughter in the background… 🙂

The Rimmer Song

In one episode, Lister is missing Rimmer, who had temporarily left the cast. Kryten (who joined the crew in Season III) created a hologrammatic ride out of his journal, including this song; which produced about the expected result.

Very catchy. And horrible.

Cat Dancing with Blue Midget

Yes, Danny John-Jules got to show off his dancing abilities again.

As far as Red Dwarf goes, btw, I loved the first couple seasons. The last two or so weren’t nearly as good, in my opinion, though. YMMV, of course.


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