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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

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Sandy Denny

Posted by shanoah on June 18, 2008

As far as the “Cat with Two Hands” goes, I hadn’t gotten a reply, and I figured if it had been sitting there that long without being claimed, I should probably post it, since youtube videos get removed more often then I’d like.

If you want, you can nab the other “Your What the Fuck” video I’ve got listed in the drafts, Sean. I’m not totally sure what to do with it, anyways. Just let me know…

Anyways, I mentioned a while back that another song I liked turned out to be by Fairpoint Convention when I was posting Matty Groves.

So I thought I’d post that song, and another by them, both sung by the late Sandy Denny, who died when I was about 7 days old.

Crazy Man Michael – Fairpoint Convention

This song is eerie, and not quite sane, something that always appeals to me in songs, something you may have noted about me with my liking of “Bedlam Boys”.

A bit of a cautionary tale, I suppose, looking at the lyrics. Remember, if you stab a raven through the heart with a dagger, you, too, may discover it to be your true love. If you are crazy, anyways.

Tam Lin – Fairpoint Convention

And there is the classic tale of Tam Lin. This is a long, classic story which, to be honest, I really can’t do justice. You’re best off going to the link above for a description, but I’ll quote a one paragraph description from that site below:

“The woods of Carterhaugh are guarded by Tam Lin, a man who demands payment of all maidens who pass through, in the form of a belonging or their virginity. A maiden named Janet travels to Carterhaugh and picks a rose, causing Tam Lin to appear. He questions her presence, to which she relies that Carterhaugh is rightfully hers. She then travels to her fathers house where she exhibits the early signs of pregnancy, much to the concern of the household. She states that her lover is elven, and then returns to Carterhaugh, once again encountering Tam Lin. He reveals he is not elven, but a mortal captured by the queen of Faeries, and that he may be sacrificied to hell as part of the faerie tithe. He then details how she can save him to be her mate, if she will undergo a trial on Halloween night. She must pull him from his horse as the faeries process through the woods, and hold onto him as he is transformed into various beasts, then plunge him into a well when he turns into a brand of fire. When he regains his own naked shape she must cover him with her green mantle and he will be free. She does all of this, much to the anger of the watching Queen of faeries.”

Yeah. Complicated as all hell, but cool. And, yes, apparently picking flowers can lead to pregnancy, much as killing birds can lead to killing your own true love. Whole lot of symbology going on, as usual for folk tales.


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