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Archive for May 30th, 2008


Posted by shanoah on May 30, 2008

Now that you have your time machine in hand, here we are in 2095:

Yours Truly, 2095 – Electric Light Orchestra (visuals from Metropolis)

This is actually a brilliant AMV I found of Twilight & Yours Truly, 2095, by Electric Light Orchestra. The visuals are all from the anime, Metropolis, and fit almost perfectly. And the music grabs you, anyways.

And of course, it’s nicely tuned for someone like me, with lyrics like:

"I met someone who looks a lot like you;
She does the things you do, but she is an IBM."

Incidentally, those of you that follow Narbonic and have been reading the directors cut and have seen the list[1] she’s been compiling in the commentary of songs involving mad science and/or evil may recognize some of the songs that I’ll be posting in the future.

Mainly because I copied the list down, and plan to surf youtube to find videos for some of the songs. And cool songs I find videos for tend to end up in posts. 🙂

[1] Which is up to 74 songs!


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How To Build A Time Machine

Posted by shanoah on May 30, 2008

Irish Hip Hop, hmmm? I could follow that up with some more modern Irish music, but I’d already written my posts for the day, and wasn’t able to change directions back to irish music that quickly…

Now, given that my next post is set in 2095, to get there you’ll obviously need a time machine. So, in keeping with our recent “how do I” posts, here is a video showing how to build one:

How To Build A Time Machine

This could easily have gone in our WTF section. The video is from 111jayhough. Oh, and the music playing is:

Muskrat Rumble – Louis Armstrong
Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin
Livin’ in the Sunlight – Tiny Tim

And, yes, this certainly registers high on my bizarre-o-meter…

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5-30-08 Irish hip hop

Posted by Sean on May 30, 2008

Well now, how to follow up on a post about Irish folk songs than with my own post about Irish folk songs.

But not Ren Faire fare, oh no; you know how I am. So here’s what may just become the Irish folk music of the 21st century: Irish hip hop.

You didn’t know there was hip hop in Ireland, didja? Neither did I, until Billy Jam‘s Put the Needle on the Record at WFMU edumicated me. This post is only a small, and not even representative, sample. If I’ve left you out, just e-mail me and we can get your video or music up on the site. If you’re serious about exploring this, you might want to check out the forums at

Oh and, by the way, the videos in this post aren’t work-safe.

Okay, first up is RíRá (MySpace here), a member of Irish hip hop pioneers Scary Eire (their MySpace here), with a song I absolutely love, 25 O’Clock in the Morning. (Sorry I don’t have any videos for Scary Eire, but most of them were pretty low-quality footage of live performances)

Video by One Up. Courtesy of RíRá at maddaxxe.

Second up is B-Wonder with a tight little one-minute freestyle rap. I had trouble finding anything about this guy, other than he’s out of Cork. Courtesy of urbanize.

Also from urbanize is another tight quickie from GMC (Myspace here).

And from there we go into a traditional Irish jig from GMC and Boney called, what else?, The Jig. Courtesy of verfield.

Lastly… I couldn’t help it, but I came across this and had to include it. Hip hop has to have songs trashing the police, and Irish hip hop is no exception. Wiggaz wit Attitude (Wiggaz is “white niggers”, by the way) trash talks the Irish police known as the Gardai with Fuck the Gardai. There are some that would call this a novelty song instead of true hip hop, but I don’t care. WWA’s MySpace page is here.

Did I mention that this isn’t work safe?

Courtesy of cianomc1.

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Planxty, Adultery, and Murder

Posted by shanoah on May 30, 2008

Oh, certainly it’s more fun to build the ray gun, Sean. But even if you but it, you still have the most significant part left. Modifying it to actually work. And you’d still have to do that with the ones from that company.

Unfortunately, any transition I can think of here would be very contrived, so I won’t bother. If you can think of a good transition to either the Irish band Planxty, or murder ballads from ray guns, let me know. Unfortunately, there seems to be a serious lack of Irish murder ballads involving ray guns. I should rectify that.

Anyways, my featured band in this post is Planxty. The bands core was Christy Moore, Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny, and Liam O’Flynn, though it has gone through several member changes, and broken up more then once.

Andy Irvine also plays with a band named Patrick Street, and I’ve heard some really good music of theirs, too.

The Blacksmith – Andy Irvine ( with Mick Hanly in 1979)

All right, this isn’t all of Planxty, but where would Planxty be without Andy Irvine? This song is about a lady courted by a blacksmith 9 months ago. And he went off and married someone else. A women scorned is a fairly common theme in Irish music. I like her cynicism at the end:

“…Oh witness, I have none, save God Almighty; and may he reward you well for the slighting of me…”

Though I do prefer the protagonist of the song “Willie Taylor“. (which has a million versions) When she finds out her betrothed married another woman, she pulls out a pair of pistols, and guns them both down on the spot. Now that’s my type of lady…

The instrument Andy is playing here is a bouzouki, btw, in case anyone was curious.

Jolly Beggarman – Planxty (1980)

Here’s another traditional song who sleeps for a night in a farmers house… with his daughter. This song doesn’t seem to have the same weight and drama as the other songs in this post, and is just lighthearted. Otherwise the beggar likely wouldn’t have survived the night. 🙂

Little Musgrave – Planxy (reunion tour – 2004)

Here is another traditional ballad of murder and adultery. (And as you probably noticed, I rather like those). I’ll admit I originally picked out Arthur McBride to put here, before the video got yanked, but this probably works better with the theme I’ve got going anyways.

One interesting thing with this – the music may be new, but the song itself is clearly a variation on the song Mattie Groves, though a lot of the lyrics have changed. Most traditional folk song mutate, and this is a clear example of it.

And you can tell this was from an era where you could literally get away with murder if you owned a castle. Note that nothing happens to the lord at the end.

To contrast, though, here’s a different band playing Mattie Groves:

Matty Groves – Fairport Convention Cropredy (2007)

Admittedly, I could have found a more traditional version of Mattie Groves, which is a tragedy, but I couldn’t resist this one. Because it is Mattie Groves with a video with Lego figures acting the song out in the background. It suddenly turned into a comedy. Which is for the best -a lot of these traditional songs need the air let out of them.

Of course I personally, and I’m sure Sean as well, always think of the Joni Minstrel version with this song. This song has it’s moments, though. “I’d rather a kiss from dead Mattie’s lips then you in all your finery“. You have to wonder how their marriage came to that. An arranged marriage, I’m almost sure…

I’d better stop before I post more, though. I just discovered that a another song I love is sung by Fairpoint Convention, and found a youtube video, but I’ll save that for another post.

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