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Archive for May 26th, 2008

5-26-08 To arms, ye browncoats of liberty! To arms!

Posted by Sean on May 26, 2008

This is something you’ll appreciate, Shanoah, being a Buffy and Firefly fan (BTW, I have your boxed set of Firefly at my house). Seems as though fans of Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse launched a campaign to prevent it suffering the fate of another Whedon series, the much-lamented Firefly.

You say you haven’t seen Dollhouse in your local TV lineup? That’s because FOX (the guys who killed Firefly, BTW) won’t be airing it for another eight months.

According to Wired’s blog Underwire, which reported the story on May 23:

Fearing Dollhouse will get booted off the air, just like the Joss Whedon-helmed show Firefly, fans are plotting and organizing their efforts in online forums.

Led by, the campaign urges followers to organize viewing parties, watch the trailers online, buy Dollhouse-endorsed merch and create more fan sites.

The original call-to-arms was posted on the Dollhouse forum by Nathan on May 15:

After seeing some of my favorite television shows get cancelled in the past — as well as the “save this show” campaigns that followed — I had the idea that a fan campaign BEFORE the show begins may be the best thing to do.

Maybe not such a negative campaign directed towards saving it from getting cancelled, but something that will get fans motivated to promote Dollhouse to friends/family/coworkers before it airs is smarter than doing it once it’s in danger! If we plan now, we may be able to have several ideas planned by the premiere to make people watch and actually make advertisers want to be associated with the show.

The overall idea is to encourage Joss/Buffy/Angel/Firefly fans to promote the show everywhere in addition to FOX’s usual promotional/viral methods.

I gotta say that this is a pre-emptive strike that I can actually get my heart behind. Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing (thanks to him for putting me on the scent of this) agrees:

Whedonistas have witnessed so many kick-ass TV shows cancelled by callous goons from teeveeland, they’re girding their loins for the inevitable fight and not waiting around for the disappointment before working up a good head of bitter outrage. Good on ’em! Preemptive strikes are just defense as practiced by precogs.


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Wishbone Ash

Posted by shanoah on May 26, 2008

As far as videos having embedding disabled, Sean, I know exactly what you mean. Especially since I viewed youtube videos of Amish Paradise and Gansta’s Paradise back when I did that post about Pastime Paradise.

I was thinking about continuing in the Weird Al line of thought, and then about posting mainstream songs with pagan references (Cleanup Time, by John Lennon off Double Fantasy was the first one that came to mind), but then I happened upon a few songs by a group called Wishbone Ash.

And I liked them enough that I thought I’d share:

Leaf and Stream – Wishbone Ash

This song just has such pretty lyrics.

Alone I've walked this path for many years,
Listened to the wind that calls my name.
The weeping trees of yesterday look so sad,
Await your breath of spring again.

Yep, definitely been there.

Lorelei – Wishbone Ash

Here they are on more of a mythological bent; Lorelei being a siren in German folklore.

Persephone – Wishbone Ash

I almost expected this to be another song with a mythological bent; Persephone being Hades wife. But it doesn’t really seem to be. Not that it has to be; this song focuses more on the melody, anyways, and doesn’t need much else to sustain it.

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