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    Sean Daily is an English major from New Jersey now living in Las Vegas, the Other City of Lights. "I consider 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' to be comfort reading, I like the al pastor tacos at Tacos Mexico and I count among my literary influences the Chainsaw from 'Doom'. 'RRRRRR! You don't like that, do you, Mr. Undead Marine! RRRRRR!'"

    Shanoah Alkire is our Discordian at large. "Born in Santa Cruz, I grew up in Grass Valley and the Bay Area, and now lurk in Las Vegas. My literary influences include Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, and Douglas Adams. I also program as a hobby, and currently maintain the Gtk port of Angband. You can find a rather old bio of me here."

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Archive for May 23rd, 2008

5-23-08 Stormwarrior – Heading Northe

Posted by Sean on May 23, 2008

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been posting a lot of RAAAAAAHHHH! music (so called because you feel like an extra from 300 after hearing it). Since I’m an avowed pacifist, this worries me a bit.

I’ve always like music with a heroic tinge to it, like Iron Maiden’s The Prisoner and Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames. Guess when you start out a smart little kid with asthma and wind up an adult in a dead-end job, you can’t help but be attracted to sturm und drang like that.

But when I start enjoying songs that mention Woten – like Heading Northe, from Hamburg’s Stormwarrior (MySpace here)well, like I said, I start to get a little worried about myself and about the zeitgeist that I’m living in. (And “Heading Northe”? What’s with ye olde spellinge heare?)

Ah hell, never mind. It’s a good song – good double-bass-pedal power metal, and the singer actually changes keys once or twice during the song, to boot – and I’m probably (not) overanalyzing my musical tastes here.

Heard yesterday on Diane’s Kamikaze Fun Machine on WFMU. This video, courtesy of Dockyard1Web, was apparently a promotional video for the 2007 Wacken Open Air festival.


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Posted by shanoah on May 23, 2008

Thanks, Sean. I’m too tired to follow up on the theme myself, and decided to head in a different direction. It has occurred to me that while Weird Al has had a fairly good showing on this blog, we haven’t posted any music by Frank Zappa yet. Clearly, this must be rectified:

Dancin’ Fool – Frank Zappa

Here’s a classic Frank Zappa song, with the visuals, oddly, being the Red Hot Chili Peppers[1]. Seems to work, though. Dancin’ Fool is probably one of the most easily recognisable Zappa songs. Oh, none of the youtube videos I saw seemed to have the cheesy pickup lines normally in the last 30 secs or so of the song. Not sure why…

Who are the brain police? – Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention

Now, back to our theme of braaaaaains… Believe it or not, Zappa does not do drugs, and would fire members of his band if they did. Keep telling yourself that while listening to this song. 🙂

Otherwise; Yay, brain police. Seems like there are a lot of them around these days…

Mother People – Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention

For some reason, this song touches a few chords in me. But then, I’ve always has a strong sense of individuality, and that is an underlying thread in the song. Or maybe just because I’m crazy…

[1] Which is one reason for the “Not Work Safe” rating. The other was language on “Mother People”. And the full moon.

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