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Archive for May 20th, 2008

5-20-08 The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains

Posted by Sean on May 20, 2008

This sober yet ultimately uplifting documentary, winner of the Palme D’Or at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival [1], is a poignant record of a day that changed human history forever. Director Robert Pipe shows us all the courage, the sorrow, the grief and the triumph of the human spirit of that day, and how a divided nation came together in a time of crisis, all those things that defined us and changed us forever… on THE DAY THEY CAME TO SUCK OUT OUR BWAAAAIIIINNNS!

Policemen, scientists, stoners, chiropractors… All are mobilized to battle an invasion by an alien horror from another world that is nameless! The alien horror, I mean! [2] Your blood will run cold as HELPLESS VICTIMS HAVE THEIR BRAINS SUCKED OUT OF THEIR SKULLS off-screen to cut down on the special effects costs! SEE the terrifying assault by the alien hubcaps on hapless photographs of hapless cities! HEAR people with some kind of foreign accent try to talk in American accents with varying degrees of success! LOSE IT when you see the crafty and resourceful American or possibly British counterattack against remorseless invaders from another galaxy [3]! In glorious BLACK-AND-WHITE-O-RAMA!

Needless to say, this is a rather goofy little tribute to Ed Wood, Jr., right down to the guy with the cloak over his face in the ending sequence. They had me at the opening monologue.

If the name Robert Pipe sounds familiar, that’s because he did the video that I posted earlier this month for Tomorrow Never Knows.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more from him on this blog.

[1] In a bizarre parallel universe where Ernest Borgnine is president of the 92 United States of Atzlan, that is.

[2] A nameless alien threat just seems silly, though. I mean, think of the propaganda coup that the remorseless alien overlords could score with a good name for their invasion. I suggest Operation: Enduring Brain Suck.

[3] Which makes you wonder why, of all the planets in this galaxy, they’re hanging out on a loser planet like Earth.


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Posted by shanoah on May 20, 2008

Hmmm… With a song name like “Black Betty“, I’d probably have latched on to lyrics like “She really gets me high”, and assumed it was about drugs. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. Despite being way too straight and sober, a surprising about of music I listen to has lyrics about drugs. Along with murder ballads and highwaymen, of course.

In fact, the themes in the expanded Tom Jones version somewhat remind me of the traditional Irish song, “Black Velvet Band“. Though that might be because of my familiarity with its parody, “Black Leather Band”… 🙂

Anyways, today I thought I’d share a song that hooked me on the radio quite a while back. It was a #1 on the charts in the UK for a while in 1982, and was on the soundtrack to the Wedding Singer more recently. This song is very vibrant, energetic, and catchy, and immediately caught my attention:

Pass the Duchie – Musical Youth

A duchie is a type of pot used for cooking, and with the lyrics “How does it feel when you’ve got no food”, it’s clearly a song about poverty and starvation, right? A duchie may also now be slang for marajuana, but it wasn’t at the time, after all.

Actually, it’s a bit more complicated then that. It is actually a cover of a song “Pass the Kuchie”, by the Mighty Diamonds, with changed lyrics, and that song was definitely about marijuana:

Pass the Kuchie – Mighty Diamonds

How do you like the original? “How do you feel when you got no herb” makes it pretty blatant. Still a fun song, though I don’t really think the performance has quite the vibrancy of the Musical Youth version. Oh, and a kuchie is a pipe used for smoking pot (Since I’m assuming I’m not the only one clueless about drug terminology).

Now, mind you the baseline and drum pattern you hear in the background, what they would call in Jamaican or Caribbean music the “riddim” is older. It is called “Full Up“:

Full Up – Leroy Sibbles ( The Heptones & the High Notes)

This is the musician that created that riddim playing it. As you can tell, this performance is after “Pass the Duchie”, so he tips his hat to it at the end.

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