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Archive for May 17th, 2008

Japanese Commercials (mostly)

Posted by shanoah on May 17, 2008

As I may have pointed out in the past, some of the weirdest commercials come from Japan. Or, like the Fruity Oaty Bar one, Joss Whedon. But he clearly was inspired by Japanese, and more generally, Asian commercials.

Part of it is just simply a different outlook, a different language, and a different cultural background. Things that may have been jokes that any Japanese viewer would get immediately just seem like randomness to us. Sometimes I’m not sure, though.

Here are a few commercials I’ve found:

Alinamin V commercial

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger saving the day by chugging a Japanese energy drink. I’ve heard this particular energy drink actually turned out to have large quantities of Nicotine in it, though I could be wrong. Scarily, you can easily find several commercials Schwarzenegger did for this company.

Note: The person posting the commercial mislabeled it as a beer commercial.

LA Pizza

And here’s a pizza commercial I found scary, but rather funny.


And then there’s this one. Since Mikado candy is actually called pocky in Japan, I’m not sure what country this is from. Amusing, though.

Little Red Riding Hood

This one, and possibly the last, are why this post is listed as not work safe. This one actually reminds me in spirit of that Orangina commercial I posted here a while ago. This certainly warrants a WTF. The company is a construction compary, but you’d never know it from this.

Her singing apparently translates to something like “Your dreams will grow, your hopes will grow, even your chest will grow”. So I’ve heard, anyways…


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5-17-08 American Kawaii

Posted by Sean on May 17, 2008

So I’m walking down the street, when a perfect stranger comes up to me, grabs me by the shoulders and disclaims, “There’s no way kawaii would be made in America! Japan, maybe, but not America!”

And then he was gone, the mysterious Straw Man with No Name. “And he wouldn’t even let us thank him, Jebediah!”

Well, oh yeah, Mr. Guy I Needed to Get My Argument Started? There’s all kinds of kawaii in the good old USA, for as long as there are cats, there will be kawaii. I even put it to you that “cat” is an acronym for “American kawaii”! If you spelled “cat” backward! And without a “t”! And with a “k” instead of a “c”! So it was a dumb analogy, and I hope you’ll forget I made it.

Anyway, my point, if I remember correctly, is that there’s kawaii being made in America, and much of it involves cats. Here’s two of the most egregious examples.

You first example is “The Mean Cat Song” from Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams, known as Hey Little Sparta. This one’s for my brother Brian and Charcoal who, let’s face it, could kick Sparta’s ass.

Courtesy of smpfilms (Web site here).

I can tell you from experience that cat owners do talk like that… or worse.

Your second is possibly a worse example. It’s called Kitty Cat Dance, and it has possibly lethal concentrations of cuteness.

Courtesy of steveibsen (Web site here) via nujerzeydevil.

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