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Archive for May 15th, 2008

5-15-08 Dave Fischer – The Thin Wax Line

Posted by Sean on May 15, 2008

Today’s post is yet another branch-off from my Monkey Man post two days ago. I got interested about the guy who did the Melt-Banana video for Monkey Man, Dave Fischer at the Center for Computational Aesthetics, which I suspect consists primarily of Dave Fischer.

The multi-faceted, multi-talented Fischer has made, or rather programmed, a number of movies, including a few other Melt-Banana videos. I say programmed because, as Fischer claims on his site: “Everything here was done in C and hand-coded postscript. No interactive software was used except vi and bash. All processing was done on ‘obsolete’ gear various companies & universities had thrown away.”

That includes this rather intriguing short, described by Fischer as “Anti-human propaganda made by bees” and with an appropriately alien, moaning (or buzzing?) soundtrack by Irene Moon (blog here). Titled internally as “EDUCATION ON HUMANS by supreme royal of BEE and examples from camera”, it goes by the more conventional (if you can call it that) name of The Thin Wax Line.

The rest of Fischer’s movies, including a cleaner copy of The Thin Wax Line, are available here or on his YouTube channel. I think you’ll be hearing more about him on this blog in the future.


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Neko Hanten no Baka

Posted by shanoah on May 15, 2008

You know, by all rights I should have followed up the Mighty Basstones with some more period music videos. And I had a number of ideas about what to post today, unlike the last couple days. But there’s a video or two that I’ve had floating around the top of my youtube section of my favorites that I wanted to get out.

You see, this next one is one that I’ve found myself playing repeatedly, and is burrowing in my head. And I’ve decided the best way to get it out is to post it:

The Neko Hanten Menu Song – Ranma 1/2

(as performed by Rei Sakuma, Miyoko Asou, Ichiro Nagai, and Kikuko Inoue)

This song is actually supposed to be Shampoo advertising for her restaurant, the Neko Hanten (The Cat Cafe). This’ll give you an idea of the lyrics. And this song is catchy. So terribly catchy. And if you understand the lyrics, it might make you hungry, too, since there’s a pretty good recitation of the menu in there, too.

This actually displays the normal puns in anime that woosh right by english viewers, too. Note that when Shampoo says “Happosai”, and Happosai responds, she was actually just listing in the menu an “eight treasures dish”, which happens to also be Happosai’s name.

You really do not want to know how many times I’ve replayed this video, though.

The Baka Song – Chisa Yokoyama

And I thought I’d follow that with a rather infamous one; The Baka Song. If you don’t know the meaning of the word Baka now, you will by the end of the song. I think the scenes to it were well chosen, as well. Oh, and remind me never to get Akane mad at me.

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