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Archive for May 3rd, 2008

Raves, Furries, and Internet Phenomenon

Posted by shanoah on May 3, 2008

Well, I suppose after Jessica Rabbit, this is a fitting time to post this. If you have no tolerance for Rave music, all things kawaii, furries, hentai games, etc, you may wish to skip most of this post (the second and third videos are safe enough). I wanted to work out the origins of a video, and I did, but I have a higher tolerance for this stuff then most. Partially due to the highway accident effect, where you just can’t look away.

I was surfing around youtube, looking for interesting things to post, when I happened upon this horribly catchy thing:

Dota Furry Rave – Devvo

The quality is really bad on this video, but it’s a lot better on the flash animation it was ripped from. Catchy with trance music and dancing furries, it somehow felt familiar. I felt compelled to investigate further. I quickly realized where I’d heard the song before. It was a sped up and modified version of this song:

Dota – Basshunter

I, naturally, had happened upon this song before, as it is a bunch of geeks singing about how addicted they are to the “Day Of The Ancients (Dota)” map for Warcraft III in Swedish. Sad, isn’t it? A little more probing, and I found even that song wasn’t totally original. A lot of the inspiration came from here:

Daddy DJ – Daddy DJ

This is the original, and by far the best incarnation of the song. I thought the music video to it was fairly clever, too. There was another take on the song too, “Pretty Rave Girl”, but I thought it wasn’t really relevant here. Now, the animation on the Furry ravers I showed at the top was actually redrawn from another flash animation, so we aren’t quite done yet. Take a look at this:

Caramelldansen / U-U-U-Aua Dance

This is the original animation that was modified for the dance, which is animated against (yet again) a sped up remix of Caramelldansen (“Carmel Dancing” – *sigh*). It was originally a 14 frame gif, actually. The question remains, though: Where did the dancing girls come from?

Well, I tracked that down, too, and get ready for this, because it’s from the opening to a hentai[1] game, and that was one of the few clips where they are fully clothed. Do I have to mention that this clip is not work appropriate unless you have a very very strange job?:

Opening for the Popotan Hentai Game

The dancing is about at 1:43. The video as a whole has a horribly catchy kawaiiness to it (1:17, for instance), exacerbated by how hentai it is. Supposedly the anime the hentai game is based on is good and not nearly as hentai. I wouldn’t know, though.

And while this wasn’t one of the youtube videos I sent Sean, you now have a general idea of how the valentine’s day post would have gone, if Sean had taken me up on my suggestions[2]… 🙂

[1] For those not familiar with anime, porn. Only it’s animated and Japanese, so there is a decent chance of say, tentacle rape. Though that’s not in this clip. Mainly rated non-worksafe for nudity with helpful arrows, and a couple seconds of masturbation. Twice on the latter.

[2] As that was before I started posting here. That and a couple other e-mails were actually what caused be to start posting here, actually.


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